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Product classification
Fine Chemicals and Monomers
Packaging and Storage
Packaging:The product is available in bulk, container tanks or 200Lgalvanized iron drums.
Storage:Store the product in a cool, ventilated warehouse.Transportation:It shall be transported in the same way as the one for dangerous goods. Bulk goods can be transported in tankers
Product introduction

Molecular formula:C10H12

Product Properties:

DCPD is a dimer of cyclopentadiene with a boiling point of 170°C, a melting point of 33°C (bridged isomer), a density of 0.979 g/cm3 (1.012 g/cm3 solid), a flash point of 35°C and an auto-ignition point of 680°C. 


technical parameter
PropertiesC5 DicyclopentadieneC9 Fine dicyclopentadiene
AppearanceClear liquid, free from mechanical impuritiesClear liquid, free from mechanical impurities
Purity (wt%)≥85.0≥95.0
Chromaticity (Hazen)≤100≤100
Product application

DCPD can be used in the synthesis of the ethylidene-norbornene as the third monomer for ethylene propylene rubber, as well as in the synthesis of pesticides, polyesters resins, flame retardants and fragrances, etc.

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